Book review - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

I know about this book from an internet article about the books that is going to be turn into movie in 2015. So i started to hunt for this book. I think only recently that i got a hold on it and to my surprise it was really good. Even better than i had expected. Well this is a bit like a review of the book. i should say there may be a bit of spoiler alert. But still i will try to be careful not to spill the beans. 

The story was narrated by the main character, Louisa. But throughout the book a few other characters also did their part of narrating the story through their perspective and to me, i think that it was important that the story was also narrated that way as the reader can see the situation from a different view not to understand how it is.. but to come back to main character herself, Louisa. Her feelings, her emotions and her actions. All of the narration was done in a first-person narration and it gives the sense of intimacy to the reader which i like. It made me feel as if i am there, in the story. 

The time period may span around 6 to 7 months i think. This timeline that had been set in the early beginning of the book made me feel a lil bit suffocated. Not in a bad way but in a good way, as i keep on tracking the days that had gone by and always wondering what will happened next. 

The book brought up the most universal theme of all time, love. But what made it interesting in my opinion is that the writer brings it in a very odd and interesting ways. Not the typical girl meets boy, fall in love, and happily ever after. That is what had made me fallen in love with this book. Besides that the writer also brought up about the health condition and needs of a quadriplegic person. I think the writer is trying to create awareness about the matter and also tries to give the reader a glimpse of the psychological condition of a quadriplegic person.  

This romance novel is in my opinion is very different than any of that i have read (which is very small number of books... lol...). 

Jojo Moyes is the author of this book and i couldn't really talk about any of her previous works because Me Before You is the first of her book that i have ever read. But i have read reviews on her other book and it was really good. So i am looking forward to reading her other books. 

In a glance, Me Before You is a story about Louisa who just lost her job ended up being a caretaker of Will and fell in love with him. Hah! But the thing is Will is in a wheelchair. So, go figure.

So to sum it up, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this.. I usually don't get that emotional by reading but Me Before You got me crying. As i had stated before, i love this story because its not the typical love story that you usually get. Its different. I would definitely read more by Jojo Moyes. The other day i read a few pages of her One Plus One and it seems to be quite interesting and I do encourage people to give this a try. Thumbs Up!! and for an even more dramatic effect i think the song Heaven by Beyonce really suits this book.. sort of like a soundtrack to this book.. try it out!