Just a friend

couldn't exactly explain how it feels...

doesn't really feels like rejected.. 😂

but not exactly accepted...

its still feels like hanging and unfinished..


Falling for you

You see this person.
You stalked his FB profile.
You like this person.

You kept on thinking about him for days, weeks, months, years.. Day in day out.. you waited for his post on facebook. Eagerly responded while trying so hard to look smart. Eagerly waiting for a reply just so you can calm your own nerves.

Theb you found out he's attached. You're okay with it. As long as he's happy. 😊 Undeniably, u died a little inside, but still alive enough to be glad that he's happy.

But still, the same old routine still lingers. The thinking about, the stalking, the waiting, the commenting, the replying, all are just too real.

Deep down you do want to be with him. But the reality is just too far away. As a realist you are, you keep that thought aside and just keep it a secret crush. Exciting. Like teen love.


Just a piece of my ♥


one word, and yet it brings a lot of different meanings to everyone.

one simple word, and yet its so complicated.

sometimes it comes at times we least expected.. sometimes it come when we really needed it.. sometimes it take a life time for one to find it.. but what ever the scenario is, love will always find its way into our life..

i fell in love..
he didnt...
i fell out of love..
he fell in love..

he was loving..
i was trying..
he was mending..
i was holding..

i was crying..
he was hurting..
he was bleeding..
i was dying..

we try..and try.. but it was me.. i wasnt feeling anymore..
part of me wants to put the blame on him too...
part of blames myself, though..

for a long time we keep it in..all boxed up..until we decided to end it..

before, i was eager to use "us".. Everywhere i go.. every decision i made.. its all about us... little did u care.. or see this small gesture... i dont mind.. its for me.. but when i stopped using it.. then you start to seek for it.. but it was too late... no more us at that time...

Alone i am again.. but i dont mind..
alone we are again.. just like when we met...
still alone we are..even when were together..

maybe alone shall i stay.. for how long, only He knows..


Movie Review: Me Before You

Movie Review: Me Before You
I believe that many of the fans of the book had waited long enough for the movie to appear on the big screen. So finally this June the movie is out. Just as a overview, i had read the book before watching the movie so i pretty much has a different kind of expectation on this particular book to movie story. The movie wasnt disapointing, it was nice to see the characters to be somewhat came to life. For those who is a bookworm andhad seen the movie but never had the chance to read the book, go and get your hands on the book and you wont regret it. The emotions and the tension is even greater in the book. P.s: i know its not fair tocompare the book with the movie but then again i cant help myself…sorry…

Book Review: The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom

Book Review
The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom
               The story was narrated from a third person view. This is suitable to the nature of the story which is important for the reader to see into each of the characters emotion and feelings they have.
               There are two time setting in this story, one is back in the past where even time still unknown to human being and the present where time is everything to everyone and this setting is important to give the reader the view or feeling of how time moves. It gives the story the essence and its core.
               The overall theme of the book is about time and how we feel about it. At the same time love is also the one of the message that is in the story which can be define as love is timeless.
               It’s a fiction, I think. (LOL) I don’t really read much books or story of this style so I don’t really know how to compare it to other book. But on its own, I think the book stands out from the crowd.
               The author of the book is Mitch Albom. To be honest this is the first book of his that I read. A friend of my recommended reading his book and I was grateful that he did and I agreed to the idea.
               The story is mainly about time and love and how we sometimes forget the small details in life that matters just because we forgot to see the people around us. So it involve time bending and time manipulation to see the world much clearly.
               Overall, I really like the book. The story itself is different and it gives the reader a view of life in a different way. The book light up new perspective about life, love and how we should see the world around us. I would definitely read more from the author because if this is his way of writing then I would want to indulge myself in more. I would definitely suggest and encourage other people to read the book too just because is a very deep and thoughtful book but yet still maintain its simplicity and cool tones.
P.s: not my best review so far but I hope to improve in the future.