Happy or Lonely?

When you are with someone..especially those that you care and love very much.. what would be the most logical feeling that you will feel..? For me..it would definitely be happiness..but have you experienced or even heard stories from your friends or anyone about them feeling lonely although they are with the one so called their lover..

It that feeling that appear at times when something is missing in that relationship.. for me.. the thing that can cause this is the absence of honesty..if you keep too much secret from each other..the less you will trust your partner and the less you would love a person..

when you share something with those you love...you are actually revealing your weaknesses and also your flaws ..but for you to be brave enough to tell them those things is very comforting for you partner.. it shows that you trust your lover..its telling them that you need them.. and this strengthen the relationship.. share as much as possible.. knowing is loving.. :-)

Honesty is the best policy.. :-)  

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