My life now

I haven't updated my blog since around April, and that is a very long time. Since i got into KML, i haven't got the time to get online and so much about my blog and even my Facebook account was left unintended for almost a month. Now, i'm home i don't know what to do. I am at the moment where i am totally blank and blur about the situation i am in. Well let me just write about the life i'm in for almost a month.

Well, early June i went to registered at KML, and at that time i was so anxious and nervous. I planned not to make so many friends so that if i got IPGM, i wont be to upset to leave all of my friends behind. but who can stop my friendliness from breaking out. i got so many friends there and it was so hard to leave them all.

At first i did not put my whole heart to KML, but after 1 month there i got so damn attached to that place and also to the people there. Plus i was in the KAKOM team. The team that would be going to Johor at the end of July, right after UPS. Before this few weeks we were inform that only 11 person for the cultural team would be going then some slight change of format we were inform again that 22 people will be going. All of us we so happy that many would be going. Then the day that the result for those who applied for IPGM went out. I had to quit the team. the team that i had been with the whole time i was in KML.

Then comes my classmates. How i missed them so much. All of them especially those who i am close with. Cassie, Adam, Benno, Norini, Astri, Samson, and all of them. Such a hard feeling to leave them all. Its been a month since i have been with them, and there are so much that we have shared. The laughter, the sadness, and also the time when the lecturer scolded us.

The time we had together was so short. It was not enough for me. Hope that it was not enough for all of you too.

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