Actually I really don't know how to start this post update..

Its so hard to put together these words.. emm.. :-(

After this mid semester holiday.. the number of students in our class will be reduced to only 15 person..

Its so hard! oen of my best friend is taking his own way now.. I just cant accept what had happened.. and Im really sorry GOD..i need more time to digest all of this.. 1 night is not enough for someone so fragile as i am..

The moment i knew that he would be leaving us.. I kept on saying that its not going to happen.. I was in the state of denial..i kept on saying to myself that for some reasons the letter that he will get will not say that he will be leaving us.. and that he can continue his studies..but it didn't happened that way..  T^T

Some might say he isn't going no where.. he is still alive not dead.. yes.. i do agree.. but the feeling isn't the same.. its really different.. he is not here beside you.. not like before.. you know that you are going to see him.. but now you might never know when you are going to see him again.. and plus.. you don't have the memories that i have with him.. ;-(

Friend thank you for everything..

May your road up ahead be a better and brighter one..don't forget us.. as you will always be in my heart..

~ Sekian ~

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