Falling for you

You see this person.
You stalked his FB profile.
You like this person.

You kept on thinking about him for days, weeks, months, years.. Day in day out.. you waited for his post on facebook. Eagerly responded while trying so hard to look smart. Eagerly waiting for a reply just so you can calm your own nerves.

Theb you found out he's attached. You're okay with it. As long as he's happy. 😊 Undeniably, u died a little inside, but still alive enough to be glad that he's happy.

But still, the same old routine still lingers. The thinking about, the stalking, the waiting, the commenting, the replying, all are just too real.

Deep down you do want to be with him. But the reality is just too far away. As a realist you are, you keep that thought aside and just keep it a secret crush. Exciting. Like teen love.

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