Just a piece of my ♥


one word, and yet it brings a lot of different meanings to everyone.

one simple word, and yet its so complicated.

sometimes it comes at times we least expected.. sometimes it come when we really needed it.. sometimes it take a life time for one to find it.. but what ever the scenario is, love will always find its way into our life..

i fell in love..
he didnt...
i fell out of love..
he fell in love..

he was loving..
i was trying..
he was mending..
i was holding..

i was crying..
he was hurting..
he was bleeding..
i was dying..

we try..and try.. but it was me.. i wasnt feeling anymore..
part of me wants to put the blame on him too...
part of blames myself, though..

for a long time we keep it in..all boxed up..until we decided to end it..

before, i was eager to use "us".. Everywhere i go.. every decision i made.. its all about us... little did u care.. or see this small gesture... i dont mind.. its for me.. but when i stopped using it.. then you start to seek for it.. but it was too late... no more us at that time...

Alone i am again.. but i dont mind..
alone we are again.. just like when we met...
still alone we are..even when were together..

maybe alone shall i stay.. for how long, only He knows..

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