Worth Watching

Someone saw this in Youtube and shared it on Facebook.. at first I don't really want to watch it.. but then I decided to watch it this morning.. and I was really amazed.. and really inspired.. it really reached out to me..

It revolves about the being kind to other and also that when you do good.. good things will come to you..

What you give.. is what you will get..

Also its about karma.. that your life is not about you alone.. but also about everybody else..

If and only if.. there are more people like those in the short clip.. it would be a much better world for all of us..

But i think why there aren't many like this... because of the suspicions that have been embedded in our minds.. thats why we just don't feel that safe to help other like in the video.. especially strangers..

Still.. i don't disagree that there are still those like that.. but very rare.. :-)

For those who haven't watched it yet... give it a go.. surely you will fall in love with the kindness shown..

~ Sekian ~

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