Jujur Episod 2

Its hard to explain about honesty...

I think in a relationship.. its the most demanded thing among many other..

When being in a relationship... what we hope the MOST is.. and i am sure of it.. is honesty...

Being honest with your partner is the thing that will make that relationship stays longer and better..

I think.. Don't you?

If your partner LIED to you.. How would that make you feel?

It differ to each and every person... some will feel unworthy... some just thing positively... some might just feel nothing at all..

It all depends on the person... but what i am sure about is everyone will feel sad..

When it comes to honesty its related to trust.. Trust each other and trust that you had given on a person that you are having a relationship with.. it doesn't matter whether its a romantic relationship.. or even a professional relationship at work or even at school... if someone you TRUST lied.. its so hard to trust them anymore afterwards..

For me.. it happened once... why wouldn't it happened again.. they got away with it once.. right?

But at the end.. it all depends on your judgement.. whether to still believe.. or not to anymore..

~ Sekian ~

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