Book Review: Kelabu by Nadia Khan

One word that i could think of to describe this book is WOW! Soooo...let cut the chase, and go straight to the review of this book.

Well as a reminder, i am not some professional book reviewer or some kind (does it really exist??) i am just an ordinary reader..a commoner.. a student.. So i do not have any knowledge or what so ever regarding literary things and stuff.. i am merely expressing how i feel.. what i feel.. and my opinion about the book... if what i think is not to your favour..it is ok to feel so..because each different individuals have their own perspective about the world around..

Ok..well to begin, i read this book after i have read her (Nadia) latest book which is entitled "Pakar" (which i will do a review on after this) ... Pakar is the book that made me want to read more from her. Okay, lets put Pakar aside for a while and focus!.

Kelabu started off very relax and casual. It suits the readers nowadays whereby they can relate to the situation and everything. i think this is an important thing as the whole story itself holds a very heavy theme. if the writer were to write the story differently i dont think it would be as interesting as Kelabu now. So a big thumbs up there! *wink*

The story line is very interesting, it seems to be as normal as it is... but then Bang! it hits you in the face just like that! the climax of the story leaves a very prominent effect on me...i didnt expect it to be that way (well duhhh.. thats the point...) and the most exciting part is it doesnt stop there... Kelabu manage to hit me not only once but a few times! and i like it.. (FYI.. not a masochist..) so another thumbs up for the writer.. Kelabu manage to get me to want to keep on reading.

In between the story the writer manage to slip simple yet deep messages withing the lines. It was not too much. it was just nice and just at the right moment.

I love the way she sees life...because it had a lil bit of similarities to how i perceived life should be... (it had quite an impact to me too...)

i was happy and satisfied with the ending and the whole story... for someone who has not been reading for quite some time (like me..hehhee...) i would definitely recommend this book.. it can give you the jolt that you need to wake up... a little heavy on the pages but its worth it!!

out of 5 stars.. it would definitely be an easy 5...

p.s: each book is very unique and special.. stars are giving not by comparing it to other book but as its own...

That would be all for now.. any comments, suggestions or anything.. you can comment below..

Thank You and Happy Reading...

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