Certot: The Cafe

The Café
                It was at this very spot you and I first went on our so called date. Your eyes, your nervously blinking eyes. Your smile, that crooked smile you make when I caught you staring at me. Your hands, hands that just can’t stop twitching. Your leg, your legs that just won’t stop moving. Side to side, up and down. I remembered all of that. Its as if you are still here. But I know the fact that we are no longer together. I have to move on. I have to move on while carrying this memory. Can I do it? You can. Surely, I can too. It wont be fair to say that you have forgotten those memories we have together.
                After so long, I thought I had moved on. But seeing you tonight still made my heart beats as fast as it beats the first time I laid my eyes on you. The difference now is you’re not with me. Silly, I am and I know it. Why do I even go to this café anymore? I could have just look at your photo or listen to your voice in my voicemail or even look at our stupid videos we made together on you birthday. I don’t even know how to answer that.
                I caught you glancing at me from the other table from the other side of the room. Instead of you being shy. It was I who felt that way. I tried to smile but obviously failed. Took a deep breath and stood up. Trying to be poise and took my purse into my clasp. Just walk.. just walk.. he wont notice. Slowly I made my way to the cashier.
                As I about to reach the counter, I felt someone took my hand from behind. So, I turn around and it was you. I was speechless and what you said after took my breath away.
                “You know that im not really here, right? All of this is just in your head.. stop this..”
I stopped breathing and everything went dark..

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