A few weeks ago someone had viewed my very dusty and old blog..this blog to be exact (well, this is the only blog i have..LOL). 

That someone had suggested me to start writing again.. i said i don't know what to write in here anymore.. the phase where i was a famous blogger wannabe is way behind... so i don't think it would be a great idea. 

Then, almost during the same time that person suggested me to start writing again, i was into some books..i love to read..its just that these past few years my passion for reading faded due to whats happening around me..so i guess this might be the right time to start a new chapter in reading... 

So came the idea of sharing what i have read to anyone (probably no one.. ) it will be a good sharing.. im sure.. take note...im not a professional book reviewer or some kind.. im just a normal common reader..giving his opinion about a book that had been read... so it might differ from other people's view.. how how they see  it...(or actually read it kan?). 

So, i have read a few books recently...probably i'll start with one and we'll see how it goes.. :)


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