Book Review: Pakar by Nadia Khan

This was the first book that i have read this year.. I know..i know..its like whaaattt??? i used to read a lot.. take note its in past tense.. haha.. ok.. well.. thank you to Nadia Khan's Pakar.. and also to one of my friend who introduce me to this... 

Ok.. lets start.. from the beginning the story manage to catch my attention by giving a different vibe.. as i started to read, i got the feeling that the idea of the story is very different.. unique.. not usual to what i used to ready before.. so i kept on reading and the plots got very twisted here and there.. there are a few times that i tried to guess what will happened next but i wasn't surprised if i got it all wrong.. the writer manage to mage the story seem predictable but then it turns around and surprise me.. although the stories inside (yes.. there are two story inside) are relatively short.. but it was well written... #thumbsup 

so for me the book is suitable for leisure.. just a very light and yet still exciting to the heart..

its a 3.8 out of 5 star.. :)

Thank you and Happy Reading..

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