Book Review: Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix

Personally i havent read a horror story with the setting such as this.. usually its a scary old house.. those common places..but with this book it's setting is very odd not the usuall.. which i like.. 

the way the writer writes seems a bit sarcastic here and there and also the words are ironic.. which i really enjoyed! i like the way he described things around giving life to objects around the story.. 

i might say its not really a scary usually kinda ghost thing..for me its more like a thriller ghost fighting stuff more like ghost busters.. but at the same time he also speaks of life and personal struggle..

the story speaks of a lot of yucky stuff... ergh.. i can still see it in my mind the slime and eeeuuwww stuff.. molds on the walls.. ergh.. 

although the idea of the story is interesting.. but the story is lack of the suspense.. maybe its just my perception and expectation...i was probably hopping for something else but then i got into something else..but still i like it.. its a lil bit light on the depth of the story but its ok.. im not into something too heavy nowadays..

all i can say is its a solid 4 star on this.. *wink* 

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