Book Review: KL Noir Red

Finally i finished reading this and to my surprise i really like it... well, to be honest i was getting a bit sleepy in the beginning of the book.. about 2 or 3 story.. but the towards the middle it started to get really interesting.. new ideas.. new story line.. twisted plot and everything.. i know its a compilation short stories but i like it.. some might not favor it but its ok.. different people has different opinion and taste.. i dont have a favourite story because i like them all.. wont be fair to only favor a few.. haha.. 

i have lived in KL for a few years now so i guess the setting and scenarios in the story isnt foreign to me.. and yet it still gives the effect of mystery to it.. does that even make any sense? haha.. i would say around 4 stars out of 5 for this book.. 

im on to the next book of the KL Noir..White so i dont know what to expect in this book.. so im just going to read and enjoy it.. while im still on holiday.. sooooo yeah.. 

for those who seek to read something weird but not too weird.. light but still challenging to the mind (well... at least my mind was challenge.. hahaha..) this would be a nice book to add to your shelves.. :) 

Good luck and Happy reading..  

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