Book Review: The Hangman by Louise Penny

Hello there.. its been quite sometime since i did my last review..because i was looking for material to read.. and i havent got the chance to get a hold of a new book..so i went through my Overdrive app and borrowed a book from the local library here..

I discovered that i dont really like reading non-fiction..thats maybe why i cant keep myself from reading biographies and such.. unless i really want to..but any who.. i decided to pick a book from the horror genre..and i ended up with this short story..

The Hangman by Louise Penny...

this book tells a story about investigation done by Detective Gamache..i think thats how to spell his name..also there are a few other books just as this one.. involving the same main character... 

for this book i really like the fact that its short.. for the time being i am not really into really long book..so this one did the trick.. im not cheating im still reading books but im reading short one.. haha.. 

the story line is ok.. because of the length of the story i sense a bit of a rush in the story.. but it develop well.. and i was able to cope with it.. it had a good ending which i didnt expect at all!! and the twisted plot and information inter twine and all is good.. and i like it.. wasnt really something too heavy.. its light but still you can enjoy... its relatively short.. so this might just be a story for a journey somewhere.. on the bus.. on the plane.. with my speed of reading i was able to finish this in a day.. morning to night.. for some i think its might be in just a few hours.. depending on the person reading.. so i think this would be suitable for someone who just wanted something to read.. and not ponder long afterwards.. 

i surely will try to borrow some other episodes if i may say..for this ill give it a 4.. just because its a nice book.. :) 

ah.. and currently i am reading Horrorstor..i will write a review as soon as i finish this very interesting story.. 

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