Multiple book at one time...

At first i dont think it is even possible to do this.. but after watching some videos on Youtube i found a way for you to read maybe 2 or 3 books at one time.. for the time being im reading 2 books and listening to 1 audiobook..so its a total of 3 books..

what i do and this is based on the suggestion of a few videos in Youtube, during the time that i cant actually sit down and read i would listen to the audiobook... then 1 of my book is a compilations of a few short stories so i dont really have to stick to it for a very long time..i can just read one of the short story and leave it..so i alternate between the 2 physical book im reading.. this way can help me not feeling confused with the different stories..

so i guess it is possible to do this.. but hey.. there isnt anything wrong about focusing on one book at one time.. take care and good luck.. happy reading.. 

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