Baru jak tadi habis tengok filem Talentime.. huhu.. (patutnya study sekarang ni bukannya tengok muvee.. hehehe) 

Review.. huhu.. sangat best.. aku trus update status aku di Facebook macam nie.. 

just finished watching Talentime..n it reminds me of Uno n Riel...huhu..and the late Yasmin Ahmad never fail to make me cry each n everytime i watch her films.. Praise to God for what HE had gave her...HE showed us what is life through he talent..and from HIM we came..and to HIM we go back to..be thankful for the life and chance HE had gave to us each and everyday.. Alhamdulillah..
huhu..the overall story teramat lah best.. the family setting... the characters.. the love story.. semua nya perfect.. semua nya cun.. dan yang paling best sekali.. i cried... sbb aku btul2 rasa apa yang cuba di sampaikan.. emm.. tp my favourite part of all.. the love story la.. huhu.. its so sweet.. really reminds me of my friend with the same love story.. not all but some part.. emm.. apa pun.. im glad that i finally got the chance to watch this movie.. :)

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