Akhirnya ada juga terbalas persoalan yang sudah lama kau nantikan.. huhu..

If not mistaken, the legal way is need to fill up the form which require receipt. Usually we didn't get any receipt when we adopt sg, unless we get them from registered pet shop like pet wonderland midvalley which sells sg for rm480. 
What I know, if from semenanjung to sabah serawak via air asia no problem, can just hide bonding pouch under jackets cus the security not really strict. Last week during my trip to korea via air asia, the security don't even check us.
But I heard got ppl handle those needed document for pets, that kind of service. But through their advert, stated pets like dog, cats etc. not sure whether sugar glider included or not, will ask the owner. I also wanna know cus before this I travel with friends, my family will look after my gliders. But middle of this year for the first time we goin for vacation the whole family. 
Fyi, we provide boarding service. In case if u need someone to look after your glider. I will upload some pictures of previous boarding if I have free time. The problem is my coming vacation. I have many gliders and they all have their own 5 ft cage. I cudnt imagine how can I send them for boarding. They must not used to small cage in other sg boarding place, that will make them feel not secure :(

Hari tue aku hantar email dengan sorang blogger neh juga lah.. dia macam dealer untuk barang-barang sugar glider neh.. jadi aku pun tanya la dia kalu dia ada apa-apa idea pasal mo travel dgn sugar glider.. jd di atas neh lah jawapan dia.. huhu.. ok la juga.. but still kalau ada jawapan yang lagi detail lagi bgs..

tadi aku wat research juga la.. pasal travelling sama pets neh.. tapi makin complicated.. mo libatkan jabatan perhilitan la.. huhu.. adui.. nah.. tapi tue la.. hendak seribu daya.. tak hendak seribu dalih.. tue jak la kan.. anyway.. i really hope to find someone that can help.. huhu..kalu boleh nnti sudah beli tue..mmg mo elak mo kasi boarding la.. huhu.. mo bw jak selalu.. huhu..

~ Sekian ~

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